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Reviews - Questing Home

What People Say About Marilyn's Self Help Memoir Questing Home.

icon1 Questing Home is the third instalment in a memorable series. The books share the journey of the author in her search for herself. Like many women, Marilyn was brought up with very traditional ways of thinking and behaving. She married young and essentially put her dreams on hold to raise children and support her husband in his budding law career. A typical people pleaser, her life was about making others happy and appearing perfect.

Somewhere deep inside, Marilyn realized something was very wrong. At the time, she assumed that the wrong was somehow her fault. That perhaps she wasn’t doing enough or that there was something about her that needed to be fixed.

In the first book in the Questing series, Questing Marilyn, Marilyn goes away on vacation to Britain and Ireland with a group of women. It is during this time, that she starts to feel the first glimpses of her empowered self. Eager to share her newfound confidence, she returns home only to find out that her husband has been having an affair with one of her friends.

Book two, Questing France, follows Marilyn as she tries to rebuild her marriage. Marilyn wants a solid foundation for her family. Her husband says the affair is over and he’s willing to work on the marriage.

As Questing Home begins, Marilyn notices some odd changes in her husband’s behaviour. Old patterns seem to be resurfacing. At first, Marilyn hopes that she is just being paranoid but she soon learns that the affair never really ended. In fact, the only reason her husband wanted to reconcile was so that he could get the upper hand in financial negations for the divorce settlement.

Questing Home, and indeed the whole Questing series, illustrates the inner strength that we all possess deep within. Without even recognizing its value, the majority of us tend to give away our power. We allow ourselves to be guided and even coerced according to someone else’s agenda. We even accept emotional abuse without a second thought.

But, as Marilyn teaches us, we have a choice. We can stand up to bullying. We can speak our truth. We can build something better. Thank you, Marilyn!

Tami Brady icon2

icon1 Questing Home is addictive. While not a mystery, it certainly is a page-turner. The reader smells deception on the home front and disaster on the horizon but the truth is too painful for Marilyn to swallow whole. Marilyn's honest self reflection makes this book a brilliant map of a marriage that stalls in midlife. Highly recommended!

Cathleen Fillmore, Speakers Gold icon2

icon1 Questing Home leads readers on a journey inward to identify and explore the inner self. Marilyn has the incredible ability to be able to express fears, joys and disappointments that many of us could not disclose - letting us in on the secret that even through life's greatest trials - we all face similar thoughts and self doubt. Hurrah to you, Marilyn, for allowing us to see how even a strong, educated woman faces inner turmoil and uncertainties - and for showing us how to work through the challenges.

Mandie Crawford - Business Coach, Founder of Roaring Women Ltd icon2

icon1 "Marilyn has written a book that opens the world of real personal growth to people who know that they feel different when they return from a journey and yet they have no words to describe what this feeling means.

Questing Marilyn: In Search of My Holy Grail is a very personal (sometimes uncomfortably TOO personal) account of her journey. I have always believed that the privilege of travelling into another culture is a magical way to expand our own beliefs and horizons. As a fellow traveller, I am envious of some of the places and events that she has experienced.

The way Marilyn has created her book - the short and focused chapters allow her readers to stop along the road with her to reflect and look at our world through her eyes."

Stephany Alexander, Relationship Expert, CEO icon2

icon1 It was great meeting you the other night. I was sorry we didn't get to talk. I would have liked to tell you in person how much I appreciated Questing Home. It helped me on my journey .... to deal with my feelings and to prepare for the unexpected. It was especially helpful as I prepared to find a new home after my separation and started rebuilding my life. Hope we can talk in person next time our paths cross!!!

Rena Gaile Morgan icon2

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