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Reviews - Questing France

What People Say About Marilyn's Self Help Memoir Questing France.

icon1 In Questing France, Marilyn faces the emotional trauma of seeing her marriage unravel before her eyes. Through her travel adventures, Marilyn embarks on a journey of self-discovery and learns to focus on having a clear plan where she wants to go. I was drawn into this compelling story of relationships, good ones, and bad.

As an entrepreneur, Marilyn faced challenges that tried to prevent her from achieving her business goals. By focusing on her dreams and remaining true to her responsibilities, she made choices to achieve her desires.

Trust, an important factor in all good relationships, was a challenge for Marilyn. Trust in business relationships was a great support to her. However, I wish she had been more discerning in whom she trusted and less focused on keeping her old dreams alive. She needed to be more aware of her power and control of who she worked with so she could surround herself with people she could trust.

Elaine Slatter, B.A., Business Coach, XL Consulting Group icon2

icon1 Questing France ~ An eBook Review

Kathy Garcia, Bella Online's Journals Editor icon2

icon1 Questing France is an emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish. It doesn't matter if you're in a happy successful marriage, or one that is falling apart, there are still so many lessons to be learned while reading this book. I was thoroughly captivated by Marilyn's struggles and how she dealt with them. I was particularly moved by the moment she found herself on the mountain. Great book for anyone in a relationship!

Cindy Csordas, CHCH News icon2

icon1 Her first book was a good read, so I knew I had to read her following book. Questing France was no disappointment. As with the first...I read this book with my heart....feeling her emotions and understanding her choices. At the end of each chapter, she added some valuable thoughts...which were highly insightful. I'll be definitely looking for more Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem!

Suzanne C. Sieracki icon2

icon1 Questing France is one woman's personal testimony about dealing with marital infidelity. Confronted with evidence of her husband's affair, author Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem embarked on a personal journey to understand her own roles as wife, mother, sibling, friend, and businesswoman. She studied how others deal with marriage after an affair, the reasons why some return to the marriage and some do not, and how to help children cope with parental conflict and infidelity. A profoundly cathartic book that shows the reader how to look deep within and focus upon the most important things in life.

Midwest Book Review icon2

icon1 The Journey Of Self Is A Never Ending Process

In 2003, I was fortunate enough to review Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem’s first book Questing Marilyn: In Search of My Holy Grail. This book details a physical journey to England and Ireland that served as a journey of the Self for the author. The book was so open and honest that I instantly felt a deep connection to the author’s words which served to help me on my own journey of myself.

At the end of the book, I like probably most readers of this book was eager to learn more about the author’s journey. Had she really found lasting peace and acceptance? Would she be able to integrate her new self knowledge into her busy life as a marriage councillor, wife, and mother? Was her husband really having an affair while she was on her trip? If so, would she kick him to the curb or continue her previous unhealthy pattern of pleasing others?

I looked to the author’s new book Questing France: Deepening the Search for My Holy Grail for answers to these questions and others. I found some answers. I also found even more questions.

Two things I did learn from this book are that 1) The journey of the Self is a never-ending process and 2) You never really know how you’ll actually react in any given situation until you experience it yourself. What might appear to others as unhealthy, weak, or misguided might be true self-empowerment. Stay the course, Marilyn!

Tami Brady icon2

icon1 Questing France is an easy read while being very honest. I felt a lot of Marilyn's pain and emotion through all of the various stages of disrepair in her marriage. It was obviously very painful being with someone who always had one foot out the door, was full of broken promises, and who was closed off emotionally.

I enjoyed the 'therapist-speak' throughout the book as it adds a neutral voice to the conflict. I feel I learned a lot. It was great to see the different personalities come through the stories.

Thanks to Marilyn for sharing her life and her story.

K. Simmonds icon2

icon1 This is an honest and sometimes raw account of a marriage and subsequent infidelity. Marilyn's book also richly dissects the complex layers of a woman's life; the roles, friendships, career path and self growth. Marilyn balances it all with what she does best; beautiful descriptive passages of trips taken and a life honestly lived.

Jill B. George icon2

icon1 Thank you Marilyn for sharing your experiences - I could certainly relate to quite a bit! In fact, I highlighted a number of lines I found “thought-provoking” - haven’t done this (highlighting) since my university days!!! I thoroughly enjoyed your writing and found your teachings supportive.

Brenda Hodgson icon2

icon1 Once I started to read “Questing France”, I was very engaged in finding out how Marilyn’s journey would progress. When I finished reading "Questing France", I felt bewildered and disappointed that the book did not end as I hoped it would. I saw a different future for Marilyn than what she had chosen at that point.

From very early on in the book, I developed a strong dislike for narcissistic behaviours that impacted Marilyn. The deceit, the calculated, conning behaviour, interspersed with 'sweetness', was appalling to me. I was so hoping that Marilyn would catch on.

I got to like Marilyn and all she stood for - her curiosity and eagerness in life, her level of engagement as a mother, as a professional, and as a student of life. I sensed that Marilyn had the strength to stand on her own two feet. I believed Marilyn would always be able to find happiness - as she loved nature, kids, people, learning, new challenges, and had a sincere passion for the 'important' things in life. I admired Marilyn as a strong woman, who was understanding and smart. Marilyn was able to reflect on things and allow for some failure to happen.

I am SO happy to have checked the website to see that there is a THIRD book “Questing Home”, and from the looks of it, Marilyn has made different choices ....I look forward to reading about Marilyn’s next chapter in life and would like to wish Marilyn all the best!

Monique de Haan, Oakville Resident icon2

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