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Living is about learning
It is a lifelong Quest

Questing Marilyn:
In Search Of My Holy Grail

Personal Growth Through Travel

Come questing with Marilyn as she leaves her responsibilities behind, traveling with a group to explore historic, and sacred sites in England, Wales, and Ireland.

Marilyn asks: "Who can I be when I am free to be my authentic Self?"

Come and share her experiences at Hampton Court, Wisley Gardens, Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury, Tintagel, Mousehole, Bath, Kilkenny, Dublin, Newgrange and more.

As Marilyn confronts how her beliefs have limited her freedom to live her life with passion, she shifts her focus to fulfilling her personal goals. She faces her fears of criticism, rejection, abandonment, discovering new ways to be her true Self.

Discover exciting ways for gaining personal power.

See how to recover from insecurity, and Self doubt.

Learn to follow your personal dreams breaking free from the need to please others.

Applying the professional methods Marilyn has used as a Marriage and Family Therapist, in practice since 1981, she discovers exciting ways to let go of behaviours she learned as an adult child of an alcoholic parent. Clarifying her values, trusting her inner desires, and following her instincts lead Marilyn to a dramatic new way to be her authentic Self.

While travelling Marilyn faces familiar roadblocks that have kept her from being the woman she wants to be. Finally, out of the roles of being someones daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, and therapist, Marilyn makes choices that do not always gain the approval of her travelling companions. Share how Marilyn disregards her fear of conflict, and creates fresh ways to live.

You can apply the practical life skills Marilyn uses in your life too.

Excellent for discussion for a book group!

Questing Marilyn reads like a novel so learning about the process of personal growth is easy. Take the challenge and ask:

What would I do if I was in Marilyn's position so far from home, away from my support network?

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