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Questing Home:
A Safe Place for My Holy Grail

Personal Growth Through Travel

Questing Home is Marilyn's third self-help memoir. Following her fabulous trip to France, as told in Questing France, Marilyn is shocked to discover her husband's rekindled affair, and long time plot to destroy all that she has worked to achieve personally, and professionally.

Through intense Self exploration and heartbreaking discoveries, Marilyn is faced with crucial questions about trust, friendship and family relationships.

How could Marilyn have believed his lies?

Life skills are woven through this compelling story of deceit, love, grief, parenting, divorce, travel and ultimately recovery.

Learn how legal bullying through the process of divorce by lawyers, judges and the legal system severely impact Marilyn's life.

Parenting issues through emotional turmoil are addressed.

Financial, and psychological abuse are common issues in an abusive divorce.

Discover how inner strengths and new relationships help Marilyn confront her weaknesses as she struggles to rebuild her life as a single woman.

Travel experiences continue to be a vital source of refuge, healing and personal growth as Marilyn overcomes the evil obstacles placed in her path.

Read Questing Home to share Marilyn's triumphs!

You will learn;

  • One person cannot maintain a marriage or create an amicable divorce.
  • How legal bullies achieve their desired results and ways to cope.
  • What to expect in the legal battle for spousal and child custody and support.
  • Dating considerations after the ending of a long term marriage.
  • Rules about sexual activity as a single parent with children in the home.
  • Life skills to set new goals and reinvent life at midlife.

This is the third book in the Questing series. Buy your copy online or ask at your local library! icon2

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