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Living is about learning
It is a lifelong Quest

Questing France:
Deepening the Search for My Holy Grail

Personal Growth Through Travel

Marital infidelity impacts family life over many generations. Lies and broken promises destroy trust.

Marilyn returns from her Quest to England and Ireland to discover her husband had been romancing a woman who had posed as her friend.

Follow Marilyn's challenges as she gathers the evidence, confronts her husband and the woman he claimed to love then enters into a painful marriage separation. Learn what to look for, when to act, and how to know who to trust.

Discover how Marilyn applies her education and experiences as a marriage and family therapist to her own life as she travels to California with her children to help heal her hurts. Apply her life skills in your relationships.

Learn why Marilyn made the decision to accept a seductive reconciliation and forgive when her husband said he'd made a terrible mistake. Travel on a fabulous trip through France as Jack and Marilyn celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

"I weave my years of education and experience into my self-help memoirs to assist my readers in understanding that cheating on promises made on a wedding day have long term consequences far beyond the couple involved. Children are severely impacted, extended families are shattered and friends are bewildered."

Through self exploration and inspiring travel experiences, critical questions about marriage, betrayal, trust, parenting, friendship and family relationships are explored.

Marilyn must confront her denial and bravely face her deepest fears. She is shocked to accept her contributions to her marital difficulties as she works to improve her marital relationship.

"One person cannot make a marriage. Creating a functioning relationship and a stable family takes two committed adults working together."

Questing France is excellent for learning about the attitudes of cheaters and the impact on their families. Listen to how a cheating husband thinks about his behaviour!

This is the second book in the Questing series. Buy your copy online or ask at your local library! Available in book and eBook formaticon2

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