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It is a lifelong Quest

About Quest Publishing

icon1Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed. created Quest Publishing in 2003 to produce and distribute self-help memoirs on personal growth through travel.

Marilyn's goal is to share her life skills learned from her extensive education and experience as a marriage and family therapist, business relationship consultant and avid traveller. 

Personal details of her life and travel adventures engage those who share similar life experiences, wish they could travel or want to assist others with their personal growth. Marilyn's books are personal because real relationships are personal.

Marilyn’s has a keen desire to present ways to learn and use life skills in real situations so problems can be identified, difficult issues can be addressed and solutions found. Leaving a legacy of her knowledge motivates her to continue creating the Questing stories.

After numerous contacts with traditional agents and publishers who wanted significant changes that were not in keeping with Marilyn's intentions, she made the choice to create Quest Publishing as a division of her incorporated company, Marilyn Belleghem Consulting Inc. (1978)

Creating Quest Publishing has allowed Marilyn to maintain control of her books. This includes the copyright and all other rights to reproduce, share and distribute her work. It also involves content, cover design, photographs, marketing and distribution. The dates of release and the creative process goes as quickly or slowly as Marilyn decides. She can launch a new book when she is ready.

Marilyn loves the whole creative process and the chance to be involved from conception to launch and beyond.  

Changes in publishing have allowed Quest Publishing the ability to provide international exposure.  

Quest Publishing will be evolving in ways to share relationship information that can adapt to an ever changing world.

At the present time Quest Publishing is not accepting submissions from agents or authors.

Marilyn can be hired to assist those who want to create and produce their own writing in book and eBook formats. This can be done in person in her Burlington location, at your location (added travel costs and time will be billed), on the phone or in person. Fee: $200.00 (Canadian) per hour plus 13% HST.

Ask Marilyn to speak at your event! More information click here.

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