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Living is about learning.
It is a lifelong Quest.

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A Quest is a journey taken with a goal in mind. Come Questing!


Join Marilyn on her Quests! Request Marilyn's books at independent bookstores and libraries everywhere.

Questing Marilyn
Questing Marilyn
Questing France
Questing Confidence

Quests involve challenges that must be overcome. Lessons are learned as the hero or heroine uses their life skills to triumph over what appear to be impossible struggles. A successful quest develops strength of character.


Common relationships themes are included in easy to read stories that unravel problems of romance, marriage, parenting, friendships, loyalty, trust, betrayal, conflict, healing, and achieving personal success. Life skills are applied to real life situations.


Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem is our featured author. Marilyn was a marriage and family therapist, and consultant to businesses on relationship issues from 1981 through 2021. Marilyn held a Master's Degree in Adult Education and Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto. She was involved with continuing education in areas involving relationships both as a student, teacher, and speaker.


Marilyn used the Holy Grail as the spiritual foundation of an individual, the essence of the Self. In searching for meaning and purpose Marilyn deals with relationship challenges that force her to confront her beliefs, and live with the consequences of her decisions. She did not always get what she expected.


Travel adventures will bring you into Marilyn's life by including vivid descriptions of people, places, and events. Marilyn's writing creates the sense that you are along with her on her quests for personal growth.


Quest books are suitable for enjoyment, promoting personal growth, book club discussions, and courses in counselling psychology. Marilyn's legacy will motivate you to successfully deal with similar concerns or help you to assist others with their personal growth.


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